. . . in an Upside Down World, May 27

Acts 17:1-11

As followers of Christ, we are to live right side up in a upside-down world.(Acts  17: 1-15

I. We must convey the truth. v. 1b-3
    Paul would reason with the Jews. He would go to the synagogue, as was his custom, to share Christ.
    What is my custom as a follower of Christ?
    Paul reasoned, explained, proved Christ, Could you? .
  . Reason means to explain in depth and complete.

II. We must Confound Contradictions.V5a
     There was a moral contradiction. v.5, logical(v6) , theoligical (v7)
      Recognize unbelievers will act like unbelivers

III. We must Confront Danger. v.6a, 8-9
     There will be danger as we follow Christ. Social, Physical, or Economical.

IV. We must Conform To God's Word v10b - 12
      recieve message with eagerness   and . . .examine the scriptures daily
      alternatives:  Traditions, mk7:6-8, 
                            World, Ephes. 2: 1-2, 2Cor 5:16; Rom 12: 2a
    Let's look at what the Scripture says about everything