Our 45th Anniversary

In 2007, we celebrated 45 years as a church, and 20 years with Pastor John Patterson as our Pastor!  It was a fun time  with our annual  Old Fashioned Sunday in August and  then honoring Pastor John during the fall potluck which coincides with Pastor Appreciation Day.  We tried to make this year special with a trip to Scotland for Pastor John and Jill.  They had many stories to tell and some of their pictures are on the photo link.  The one requirement of the trip was a picture of Pastor in his kilt, in Scotland.  You can see that on the photo link also. 

So many things have changed since our beginnings, it would be silly to try and list them all.  We have grown from a tent to three linked buildings.  Most of the grounds used to be a hayfield.  Now there is a volleyball court, baseball diamond, and garden spaces.  And we still have enough field left to have a camper-tent overnighter from time to time.

Barb Horn is the last remaining charter member. She was presented with flowers and asked to speak a few words at the celebration. 

We've had a church pictorial directory made this year. It had been six years since the last directory and many new faces are there, along with some of the old.  Our church is growing, and reaching out to our community. 

For those who we see each sunday, we love and appreciate each one of you!  And to those who are just visiting our website, thanks for stopping by, and come visit us in person!  Our float theme this year was "Sharing the Joy of Jesus With the World."  We would love to share Him with you!