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August 5, 2012 Watching for Wolves

August 5, 2012   Watching for Wolves

Intro: There was a group of worthless slaves, heading for the salt mines because they were worthless, but a kind, wealthy landowner bought them and took them to his estate. He paid a huge price for them and left them on his estate, a beautiful place, telling them he would come back to take them on to where he lived. He left them with a book of instructions for the estate, now you have probably figured out this is a JP parable, but true.

We are entrusted by God with a great responsibility – the care of His Church., Acts 20, Paul challenged Eph elders, cp Eph 4:12

  1. Care for self V28a. keep watch, take heed
    1. Can’t take care of someone else, if you have a problem Eph 6:13
  2. Care for one another V28b, all the flock, don’t neglect/show favoritism
    1. Elders, overseers, different roles of leadership Jn21
    2. Church of God, not denominational, but possession we do well to remember
  3. Recognize the cost V28C, sp the parable, huge price, greatest cost
    1. Blood, bought with His own blood
    2. Our price tag is worth blood of Jesus, I Cor 6:19-20, 1 Peter 1: 18-19
  4. Be alert against attack V29-31a, 2 fronts to watch
    1. Outside, savage wolves come in , Matt 7:15, ferocious , don’t be surprised, Satan hates you
    2. Inside V30, be alert, 1Jn 2: 18-19, cults begin inside
  5. Recognize the investment V31b – w/tears, perhaps missing ingredients in our ministry
  6. Entrusted back to God V32, we do our part, but recognize only so far we can take people, to God and His word, He is able to take all the way 2Tim 3:15

Conclusion: Intro was not very politically correct, but is biblically correct. We are still the servants,