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When Frustration Sets in, June 10


When Frustration Sets In    Acts 18: 1-17

We can see frustrations as an opportunity to draw closer to the Lord and be strengthened.

l. We must recognize reasons for frustrations V 5-7
    a  Buildup of high stress situations (in a relatively short time) for Paul, a move v1,
        job being 
bi-vocational  v3
     b Unrealized expectations V5b, 7
     c Dealing with human nature V4

ll. We must recognize the results of frustration V9-10
     a  Fearfulness v9a, actual or perceived
     b  Withdrawal - give up V9b
     c  Despair V10

lll. We must recognize the Remedies to frustration - four fold
     a  God's Promises in His Word V9-10, Paul needed to hear this
     b  God's Presence V10a I am with you
     c  God's People V5a, 10b, Lighten the load for one another (Gal 6:2)
     d  God's Perseverance V9b, 10b, 11

When the world is out of control, or doesn’t make sense, remember we have the remedy to Frustration