. . . In a Man Centered World, June 3

As followers of Jesus Christ, we must present a God-centered message in a man-centered world. (Acts 17: 16-34)

Paul gives us expample how we can:

  1. We must engage the culture, v 16 -18a
       a  To engage it, we must first know it
       b  Paul knew his culture, do we know ours? V 23, 29
       c   In all this display of religion, they were without God, How about us?
  2.  We must encourage Discourse v18b – 20
       a   what in our lives makes people want to hear more? 
  3.    b   Know our hearers, start where they are (v 22,23)
  4. We must enlighten with the truth v 23-28
       a   God is creator, self sufficient, He doesn’t need us (v24,25)
       b  He made every nation, everyone
           1  Ref: Romans 5:12-17, 1 Corinthians 15: 21,22; 47-49,
       c  God is the life giver, spiritual and physical
  5. We can enjoy the response (v 32-34)
       a  Know the response: some rejected, some heard more, some believed v34
       b  Is  America becoming very pagan?  We need to give a God Centered Message.