Long after You're Gone - June 17

Acts 18: 18-19:7

The Kingdom work is really about pointing people to Jesus. Our church motto, To Know Christ and to make Him Known.  In Acts 18 and 19 we see coordinated effort with purpose for the Kingdom

    l. We must be people of integrity V18: 18-21
        A. Paul fulfills his vow to God V18
        B. Paul keeps his promise to others V 21

   ll. We must be people of unity V 18:21b – 23 Paul had gone to many different cities:
         Ephesus, Antioch, Galatia, Phygeria, Corinth united the people, sought unity among brethren

  lll. We must be people of receptivity V 24b – 26
        A. They were not just receptive to the Gospel, but to new information about Christ
             1. Apollos, and 12 men at Ephs, OT saints, but had not received Holy Spirit V19:1b-3
             2. Prepared by John the Baptist, but had only John’s baptism
                  a. Do not confuse this teaching to mean re-baptized to receive the Holy Spirit
                  b. Acts is the church in transition, re-baptize only when
                      1) Baptized before Salvation 
                      2) when baptism is considered regeneration
              3. How do you take correction? How do you give it? I Tim 3:16, 4:2."

  lV. We must be people of intentionality V 19:4-5 everyone in this passage
        A. Paul – obvious, V 18: 17b, 18:5
        B. Aquila and Priscilla willing associates V 18:26b, found 6 times in the NT, always together.
        C. Apollos, powerful witness with a purpose. V 27b – 28
        D. John the Baptist, V18:25b, 19:3-4, over 20 years after his death, Impact still felt!
             his purpose: John 1:23, 29, left his legacy!

“Long after you’re gone.”
How about You? Yesterday a group passed out tracts at the Freedom Rally in Marseilles, some walked away reading the cards. Long after we’re gone, pray they find Jesus.