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July 8, 2012 Perhaps the Longest Message Ever Preached

July 8, 2012

“Perhaps the Longest Message Ever Preached” Acts 20: 1-12

Many have memories of different churches, or different pastors: some good, some not so good; maybe hurt by a leader or maybe just bored. Do you remember the sermons they preached? What will others say in years to come about us now?

The Work of the Kingdom has its ups and downs, struggles and celebrations, the mundane and the magnificent. In Acts we see progress of the gospel, how do we apply it to us? Acts 20 is a passing thru section, traveling thru to get where you’re going.

  1. There must be a team in the work V6
    1. Who is “we”? Luke , one of several we sections, cp w 16:10, joins ministry team
    2. But also V1,2,3, V4&5 often skipped over, but showing Paul as a team player, a team effort.
    3. Kingdom work is also team effort, janitors, SS teachers, greeters, nursery workers, etc, we are the church, it grows as each one does his part Eph 4
    4. Visits, cards, phone calls or grieving with one another, praying for one another need team work
  2. There must be encouragement for the work V1b, 2a “encourage”V7 Though Troas was a “Passing thru” city, several observations!
    1. Where Paul and Company got the “Macedonian Call” taking the gospel to Europe’
      1. Think of key life changing events, or milestones in history, where were you when you heard? Don’t write off Troas!
    2. First day of the week – Early church changed worship from the Sabbath (7th day) to Sunday, immediately after the Resurrection Jn 20: 19, 26; 1 Cornith 16: 1-2; Col 2: 16-17, Prob on Sunday evening, House of worship came much later under Constantine, Came after working,
    3. Eutycbus not judgment (commendable) V7b, Sermons may have been 8 -12 hrs long. May have worked all Sunday, V8-9, but came to church anyway. Sat in a window well for 6-8 hrs, smoky, stuffy room.
      1. Last time we saw all night preaching? Happens still in other countries!
  3. There must be resurrection Power at work. (V10,12)
    1. God’s power over death evident,  Compare 9:40 , Jn 11:43, Jn 11:25,26
    2. Is God’s power at work in PBC? In your life? Some have fallen asleep here, none have died, but V12, Eutycbus went home alive! Have some gone home from our church dead?  Go home alive in Christ!

Acts 20, Long sermons and resurrection power! Troas was a passing thru place; we are just passing thru this life. Go on to the eternal life.