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That Wonderful Word: Life! Jan 20.2013

That Wonderful Word: Life – Jan 20

1 John 1: 1-4

Intro:  It is “Sanctity of Human Life Sunday”, the 40th year anniversary of the 1973 decision of Roe vs Wade.  Since then more than 56 million babies have been aborted, each year more babies than all the soldiers killed in all US wars since 1775, are aborted, just to give us some perspective.  What about us? Christians? How do we differ?  We should be characterized by LIFE – That wonderful word: Life!

Central Idea:  We must know, understand, and proclaim the fact:  True Life is found in Jesus Christ!
      Last week was the into to 1 John, Book’s purpose is Authentic and Assurance of Eternal Life (5:11-13)
      It only makes sense; it begins with life, 1John 1: 1-4 – Three matters to begin with.


  1.  We must know the Possessor of Life –this is the part about God (specifically Christ) V1:1a, c-2a
     a.  Pre-existence of Christ (1:1a) from the beginning (John 1:1a) He existed Pre Bethlehem.

                Rev22: 13

             b. Revelation of Christ (1:1c-2b) The Word of Life – connects to John 1: 1-2

                 Defines word that which describes/communicates comp John 1:18, 14:9

            c. Christ the Creator of Life (1:1c) comp John 1: 3-4; Col 1:16-17,

            d. Eternity / Christ (V 1:2) related to a, But further in Ps 90:2

                  1) Eternal life – Jesus cannot give what He Himself does not possess! Comp Jn 5:21 & 10: 28,
                       Problem is distortion mis-info, redefine, lie about definition of Life (meaning of)
                        Satan, the great distorter takes what God creates and changes/twists, distorts (i.e. love,marriage)
                         In other (Satan’s) words: “life is about Now and all about You!”
                         Comp John 17: 1-3, Primary relationship (about God) and secondary continuum of time

             e.  Incarnation of Christ V 1:2 ( John 1:14) all about God, and nothing on our part, Rom 5:6
                      grace and Love . . .  to give/offer what was lost in Eden (fall)    

    2.  We must heed the Proclaimers of Life (this is the part about Apostle) (1:1-3)
          We all know someone who has “known someone” greater, either Billy Graham, a missionary, etc
         Compare the Apostles to us V1-3, heard, seen , look at, touched,  God is Accessible!!!
         What great privilege, What great responsibility!! Grinch “discovers the cure to hunger, tells no one!”
         We are to experience and proclaim!     

  3.  We should rejoice as Partakers of Life - - this is the part about us (1: 2-3, 4)
                   We recipients of Good News proclamation (Jn 17:20)
                   We beneficiaries of fellowship with Apostles and even greater: with the Father and with the
                   Son! – take it serious (not for granted) fellowship -- real indicator of genuine belief
                   We should manifest joy (V4)

Conclusion:  Psalm 139: 13-16   Pro Life indeed,  Dt 30: 19 – 20,  Jn 6: 68,” Lord, to whom shall we go, You have the Words”  Now we should proclaim  that wonderful word:  Life!