Leaving a Legacy, May 13

The Greateset Gift we can ever leave behind is a Godly Legacy (Acts 16:1-5, 2Tim 1:5; 3:14-17)

I. It is instilled at home. Acts 16: 1, 2 TIM. 1:5
    a. the foundation of Timothy's faith started at home.
    b. mother & grandmother may not have led him to Christ, but to the place where he'd accept
         1  some planted, watered, but God gives the harvest  1 Cornithians 3: 6-9.

II. It increases beyond the home. V. 2
     a. Timothy had an influence that went beyond his family and town.
     b. Where does my influence reach?
lll. Not included (Acts 16 -Timothy's case). Father . V. 3.

lV  It involved  a mentor. V. 3a
     a. Paul was his mentor who possibly lead Timothy to the Lord.(1Tim 1:2)
     b. There is no greater joy than to leave a Godly Legacy.
     c. There is no greater gift than to leave a Godly Legacy.

It begins at home and from the beginning