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Church History

Parkview Baptist Church had its beginnings as a Mission in 1960, sponsored by Harmony Baptist Church of Ottawa.  The first meetings were held in an empty store building at the head of Main Street, then later moved to Armstrong Street.  Rev. Virgil Stoneburner was the first pastor.  Constituted as a church on the 21st of January, 1962, it became the 842nd Southern Baptist Church in Illinois, with 21 charter members.

The church began a series of special meetings on July 1-15 in a tent located on the six acres of property purchased across from Illini State Park.  Ground was broken on Aug. 12, 1962 for the first phase of the building program.  Services were held in that building until 1976, when the new auditorium was completed and the building was converted into Sunday School rooms.  In 1995, the original building was converted into a fellowship hall/kitchen complex, and a Sunday School wing was added.

The Rev. John Patterson has served as Pastor since 1987.

As interesting as it is to look back on our roots, we look forward to the next years with great enthusiasm for what the Lord has in store for our fellowship.  In 2012, we celebrate 50 years as a church family.  Many faces have changed.  Families have come, shared,and moved on, but we trust in the knowledge that the Lord has guided us in the past and will continue to do so, helping us to do great thing in the future for His glory.