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July 29 - A Look Back that Moves Us Forward

July 29 -2012    A Look Back that Moves Us Forward.
Samuel 17: 32-40, 45-47

We must always be looking back at God’s Word, so that we move forward in His Glory.

  1. Looks  that are deadly, at least detrimental, 3 examples

    1. Look of desire for the world Gen 19: 17, 24, 26 Lots wife

      1. Grieving for a lost lifestyle

      2. Why look back/ rendered useless

    2. A Look that lacks faith Acts 7:36, 39

      1. Sad commentary of Israel, turning back to Egypt

      2. Why to people return to destructive relationships, habits

    3. A look for Days Gone by, Ezra 3:10-13

      1. Two temples, two responses, one regret for what was

      2. One rejoicing for what is

  2. Looks we can live with, 2 examples, David and Paul,

    1. David: ISam17, V32,33

      1. Saul thought David unable

      2. David’s response, V 34-37a looking back and remembering God’s work

      3. V37b-40, God has suited you and prepared for what is ahead

      4. V45-47, David/we realize Spiritual warfare, cannot do w/o God

    2. Paul - 1 Tim 1:12-16, Look back to God’s salvation, be a witness & testimony

Phil 3: 12-14

Conclusion:A look back that moves us forward, go fight some Giants