Authenticity and Assurance - Jan 13, 2013

Authenticity and Assurance, Jan 13-2013

1John 5: 11-13

Intro:   I have done many series thru the years, Acts twice, John, Genesis, Matthew.  I believe God has led me to do a series on 1 John, only 5 chapters --The apostle John wrote 5 books of scripture: The gospel of John, 1, 2, & 3 John, and the book of Revelation. A unique feature of John’s writings, is he clearly states the purpose of the writing., ie, John 20: 30-31 for the gospel of John, Belief;  Rev 1:1, 22: 6, 16, to reveal Jesus and what soon will come, so key to understand the book of 1 John is no different, key verse is 1 Jn 5:13

The gospel of John, is a tract to lead to salvation
Book of Revelation is a treatise on End Times
1 John is a Testament of Authenticity leading to Assurance

Central statement:  God wants we who have trusted in Jesus to have assurance of eternal life.
   In 1 John 5: 13 --Three things to base it on:

  1. Based on God’s Word V13a  “I write” on written Word of God, not hearsay, or word of mouth passed from generation to generation (2 Peter 1:20)

Written word necessary for the accurate, trustworthy, survival of God’s word and our assurance and confidence.


  1. Based upon faith in Jesus Christ  V13B, - addressed to Christians
    Already believe, But what does that mean?  James 2:19
    Perhaps must go back to gospel of John, ie, send new believers

Jesus’s challenge--John 8 & 6
Come on Gods terms

In the name (Name most important, knowing thru that NAME = eternal consequences

Son of God – Jesus, Not Mohammed, not Budda, not Mary

Acts 4:12, Salvation is in no other name

Multiculturalism = everything accepted, tolerated, except Christianity, we are too narrow


  1. Based on Authenticity V 13C – That you may know (not feel, wonder)
    God wants us to know that we belong to Him & have eternal life
    Take new  believers directly to 1 John 5:13
          But don’t take this out of context, we Passover  1 John 1: 1 - 5:12
          There should be ID marks of genuine believers (compare 2Tim 2:19)

Therefore, “Title” – authenticate = assurance
Have eternal life – def John 17:3 –present tense


Conclusion:  So we’ll proceed thru 1 John as a checklist – How does our life line up?