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July 22, 2012 Finding your Romans 1:1

July 15, 2012

Finding your Romans 1:1    Acts 20: 17 – 27

My bible is autographed by many preachers I have considered great Pastors, people I have met over the years and asked to autograph it for me, Adrian Rodgers, Rom 8:28;  Paige Patterson, I Peter 3:15;  Dr George Sweeting, Phil 3:10;  David Walters, Romans 6:11.  They have all signed their names and written their “life verse” --verse they look to that helps define them.  For many years I have chosen Nahum 1:7. How about you? Life verse or purpose verse?

As Christians, we should be able to clearly state the life ministry that the Lord Jesus has given us. In Acts 20, Paul understood his missions purpose we take that example to formulate ours.

  1. We must live with integrity (V17-18)
    1. Jerusalem by Pentecost  -- they knew how he lived
      1. Transparency,
      2. Accessible
      3. Accountable
    2. No matter what ministry, there must be integrity –Christ does not call part time Christians, Eph 2:10
      1. That which cannot be shaken, no matter what happens
  2. We must serve with humility (V19-20) Is it wrong to call our self humble? John the Baptist, Jn 3:27, V30
    1. It is not wrong to know who you are in Christ, as long as you end with V30 (John 27:30)
    2. Statement started with “I served the Lord” must start with 2Corinthians 8:15
      1. Paul knew who he was in Christ (Rom 1:1)
      2. Do we see ourselves as servants of Jesus Christ? Not PC, against our human nature Phil 2: 5-8
      3. Then tears, compassion like Jesus, then endure trial (V20)
  3. We must persevere in uncertainty (V22) some things know, some unknown
    1. V23-- I know hardship, prison, v 19b, severely tested
    2. V25—I know none will see me again, (V36-38)
      1. I won’t be dissuaded, perseverance
      2. Do you have it all figured out? I don’t, Paul didn’t but still went on
  4. We must testify with clarity (V24) Great Statement! Clear Statement!
    1. Romans 1:1 statement – Paul understood his mission, do you?
      1. V21 – salvation
      2. V27—complete and balanced teaching
      3. V24 – my purpose verse, personal mission statement – your Romans 1:1?
      4. V27 –whole will/counsel/purpose of God! What presumption, what privilege, what responsibility!
        1. A pastor thing ---right?  NO  2 Corinthians 5L17-20, Acts 1:8

Live your life so you will have no regrets, 2Timothy 4:7-8.