Our 50th Anniversary

Afternoon Program:

 Hymn # 644 “Count Your Blessings”
 Mrs. Barb Horn, charter member
 Video:  Parkview through the years
 Hymn # 147 “And Can it Be”
 Special Music: Duet: Candi Hawkins and Tara Brickert
      Saved in the 60’s
      Jesus Freaks in the 70’s
      Born Again in the 80’s
      Became a Christian in the 90’s
      New Life in the New Millennium
 Hymn # 407 “Because He Lives”
 Looking Back
      Words from our former Pastors
 Special Music: 
      Jill, Joelle, and Justine Patterson:   “Ancient Words”
 Looking Ahead
      Dr. Dan Eddington, DOM Three Rivers Association
 Hymn # 326 “Victory in Jesus”
 Closing Prayer

Copy of Newspaper Article:



Parkview Baptist Church celebrated its 50th anniversary on Sunday, July 29th. The celebration started with Pastor John Patterson bringing the morning message entitled: “A Look Backward that Moves Us Forward.”  This is also Pastor Patterson’s 25th year with the church.  Following a meal, the afternoon service included a look into the church history from Mrs. Barb Horn, the last remaining charter member. The church began as a mission meeting in an empty store at the head of Main Street in Marseilles. Land was purchased and ground broken in August of 1962. Services were held in that building till 1976, when a new auditorium was built. In 1995 the original building was converted into a fellowship hall, and a new Sunday School wing was added. A slide show gave a glimpse of faces throughout the years. There was a time of testimony from members who had joined during each decade, and a time of looking back from former Pastor Melvin Larson.  The program concluded with a word of encouragement and a look forward from The Director of Missions for Three Rivers Association, Dr. Dan Eddington.  Special Music was provided by Jill, Joelle, and Justine Patterson, and Candace Hawkins and Tara Brickert.  The church had cups inscribed with the dates to commemorate the anniversary. If you would like one, contact the church website at www.pbcmarseilles.com.  Guests were asked to sign a mat on a picture frame which will include a photo of the event. 

This year is also Pastor John Patterson’s 25th anniversary with the church. Pastor John was called to the church in October of 1987. For many years, he served as bi-vocational, working another job in the village of Western Springs, Illinois.  The Church was able to call him as Full Time in 2010.  Many faces have changed over the years, families have come, shared, and moved on. But as interesting as it is to look back, we intend on looking ahead and building on those stones laid in the past to give glory to the Lord in the future. Parkview is located across from Illini State Park in Marseilles.